30 Scanners installed in the Ponteverdra Museum

libnova, distributor of I2S for Spain has installed , for INDRA, 30 scanners in the Pontevedra Museum.

A digitization platform  is available in the Pontevedra Museum from February, it is made up of  27CopiBook RGB+ scanners, 2  DigiBook Quartz A1 scanners and 1 DigiBook SupraScan A0 scanner.

CopiBook scanners are adequate for scanning documents with a size up to A2,  DigiBook equipments are the most adequate to digitize all sort of boud works, including the most fragile, while the Suprascan is most adequate to scan large size documents. All these scanners offer a superior image quality and a high productivity for massive digitization processes.

The installation of these equipments has been carried out by Libnova , which is also responsible for its maintenance

Aditionally libnova´s specialists trained the museum staff on the use of the scanners.


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