Digital Preservation Training at The National Historical Archive in Madrid

140 professionals attended the LIBNOVA Digital Preservation Training at The National Historical Archive

Antonio Guillermo Martínez, CEO of LIBNOVA, presented the training seminar “Digital Preservation: the challenges of the passage of time for digital information” to 140 archivists, librarians and documentalists from the Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and the Environment, Ministry of Development and Ministry of Health, as well as archivists and documentalists from the Bank of Spain, the National Historical Archive, various  State Archives, the National Film Library (Filmoteca Española), the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, the National Archaeological Museum and the main Universities in Madrid.


The training seminar, which took place in the National Historical Archive, analyzed the risks to which digital files are exposed in relation to the protection of digitized or digitally generated information and how to mitigate them by developing and implementing a preservation plan for the long term, for which it is necessary to identify the most common mistakes, which  thanks to our broad experience, we have heard from entities, both public and private, when managing digital information, on how to do it properly and how to overcome those mistakes.


In addition, LIBSAFE, the digital preservation OAIS software developed by LIBNOVA, has been shown. This platform, which simplifies the entire complex process of digital preservation in one click, ensures that your digital collection will be controlled, preserved and available forever.


LIBNOVA is the leading company in the digital preservation sector that has designed the preservation systems of the National Library of Spain, the CSUC (Consortium for University Services of Catalonia), the Film Library of Catalonia, the University of Barcelona, the University of the Balearic Islands and more than 50 first-level institutions, inside and outside of Spain.

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