Born Digital, Preserved Forever

Strategies for Securing Digital-First Content

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Learn to safeguard digital-born content for future generations with cutting-edge strategies and tools.


In this webinar, we will delve into the unique challenges and strategies involved in preserving born-digital content—materials that originate in a digital form.

You will learn how to effectively safeguard digital content for future generations, with a focus on institutional collections. By highlighting tools, techniques, and strategies, we will equip you with the knowledge to implement robust digital preservation strategies for your born-digital assets.

Additionally, we will showcase how Libnova’s cutting-edge solutions can streamline your digital preservation efforts, providing advanced capabilities for managing and preserving your digital collections. We will use the preservation of PST files as an example and cover techniques for the previsualization of all types of files, ensuring comprehensive digital preservation.

Born Digital content
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Miguel Blanco


“As a Telecommunications Engineer, I have always enjoyed the study, development, and execution of all kinds of technological challenges in which one must learn more every day to achieve the best results. I like to see how what starts as an idea gradually materializes into a real solution to the proposed problem”