FNMT-RCM, selects LIBSAFE as its long-term digital preservation solution

The National Currency and Stamp Factory – Real Casa de la Moneda (FNMT-RCM) selects LIBSAFE as their Digital Preservation System

Today, at the XIII CERES Conference, the deployment of the digital preservation system at the National Currency and Stamp Factory-Real Casa de la Moneda has been announced.

The FNMT-RCM has a state-of-the-art digital preservation system that allows it to have a completely secured digital repository, with LIBNOVA being the company selected for its deployment.

This deployment will be used not only for the FNMT-RCM but will also serve other ministerial institutions.

The acquired preservation system, which has been developed by LIBNOVA, has an NDSA 4 preservation level, the highest level of preservation defined by the National Digital Stewardship Alliance, and it has a planned growth capacity of up to 5 petabytes.

With this advanced digital preservation system, the FNMT-RCM ensures accessibility to long-term digital data.



The FNMT-RCM is a public business entity under the umbrella of The Ministry of Finance and Civil Service.

All of its activities are based on integrated security, applied to the corporation’s production processes, to their products, to the processing of information and to its facilities.

The products and services of the FNMT-RCM are distinguished by the know-how and the experience that the corporation has gained throughout its existence. To its longstanding tradition must be added its stake in technology, which leads the corporation to constant growth as reflected in its capacity to combine tradition with modern-day technology to make products that are unique and inimitable.


LIBNOVA is a leader in the digital preservation field.

LIBSAFE is the digital preservation software developed by LIBNOVA. It is a full OAIS /  ISO 14,721-aligned preservation system, which guarantees the security, availability and access to your information in the long term, in an easy and efficient way.

LIBNOVA has a strong presence in the heritage sector and in the historical and cultural valuable information sector in Spain and, has customers in 12 countries.

Please, do not hesitate to be in contact for more information about digital preservation.

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