Libnova at the VI Alicante Information Technology and Audiovisual Conference

One more year,  Serilev, a Company specialized in  audiovisual and computing equipment for the  education sector, organizes the “VI Jornadas de Exposición y Demostración de Tecnología Informática y Audiovisual para Administración, Educación y Empresas” in Alicante, the  14th and 15th September 2016.

Libnova will attend this meeting together with I2S, the leading manufacturer of digitization equipments that are officially represented in Spain and the Caribbean by Libnova.

At Libnova’s booth you will have the opportunity to see our digital preservation platform, which includes Libsafe,  the OAIS software which manages and guarantees the usability in the long term of your digital collections in the long term, and Libdata the storage array that reduces and makes sustainable the cost of your digital archive.


At our booth you will have also the opportunity to see one of the best scanners available in the market to perform the digitization processes previous to the digital preservation, the eScan Open System, specially made for Museums, Libraries and Archives.

The Spanish National Library, the Language Royal Academy and several universities, among other institutions use already Libnova’s digital preservation platform. Contact us for more information.

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