XV Catalonian Congress of Archiving (from 28th to 30h May in Lérida)

libnova took part in the XV Catalonian Congress of Archiving (from 28th to 30th May in Lerida)

The XV Catalonian Congress of Archiving took place during May 28t, 29th and 30th this is a professional congress, organized every other year from 30 years ago by the Catalonian Association of Archivers and Document Managers.logo_xv-congreso-archivistica-catalunya

This edition was developed under the moto “Digital Preservation. Permanent Access”and served as a meeting point for the preservation and documents management proffessionals, in order to discuss the framework of digital preservation and the importance of the access to the preserved information in the future:

“Preservation in itself is worthless if we do not strive to guarantee permanent access to all the data, informatin and documents that we are producing” Joan Soler i Jimenez – Presidente of the Association of Archivers-Document Managers of Catalonia .

During the Congress, Juan Manuel Pérez, Comecial Director and Partner of libnova, participated in the round table  “Digital preservation as a service (SaaS)” toghether with Pep Lluís de la Rosa, Ramón Ros (Coordinador de Aplicaciones Bibliotecarias y Documentales. Consorcio de Servicios Universitarios de Cataluña) and Mario Yélamos (Director División Business Information Management).


Furthermore, libnova also offered a demo of  libsafe, softwarefor preservación digital, toghether with ARTYPLAN, partner and official distributor of libnova´s digital preservation products in Catalonia and the Balearic islands.


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