Digital preservation webinars as part of the Digitization Offensive 2021 (Digitalisierungsoffensive 2021)

LIBNOVA takes part in the Walter Nagel digitization webinars series talking about digital preservation

Walter Nagel, the leading provider of digitization solutions for Cultural Heritage institutions in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, organizes the largest European web event for libraries, archives, and museums on the topic of digitization. 

LIBNOVA takes part in two of eight different webinars sharing its digital preservation experiences working with world-class institutions worldwide and showing a brief overview of LIBSAFE, the most advanced digital preservation platform.

All webinars are online and free, with date options available.

More information about the webinars taught by Antonio Guillermo Martínez Largo (CEO of LIBNOVA):

How to start with Digital Preservation? An advanced, affordable and easy to use digital preservation platform for institutions of all sizes.

Brief live demo to see in action all the power of an advanced digital preservation platform that you can start using today. User-centric design and specifically conceived for Archives, University Libraries, and Research Departments, no matter how big or small they are. Empowers organizations to preserve their content in an easier and more efficient way.

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Why do cutting edge, advanced and innovative institutions choose LIBNOVA over any other digital preservation platform?

Discover the most advanced digital preservation platform on the market, already trusted by world-class institutions across the globe. Several digital preservation needs are covered by this state-of-the-art OAIS-aligned digital preservation software used by many national libraries, archives of all sizes, museums, universities, and research institutions.

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