LIBNOVA applies aeronautical safety protocols to the LIBSAFE Digital Preservation Technology

Commercial air travel is safer than ever. What makes air travel so safe and why is the incidents’ volume so low?

The answer is based on the Safety Management Systems (SMS) standards and processes that are used in commercial aviation. There are a whole set of technical and organizational measures in place to identify hazards and mitigate risks.

LIBNOVA, in partnership with the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) and PANAMEDIA Pilots’ School (one of the largest pilots’ schools in Europe), continues researching the way in which Safety Management Systems (SMS) standards and processes are used in commercial aviation and the aeronautical industry and how they could be adapted and implemented in long-term digital preservation systems.

For this purpose, an Airbus A320 simulator and all existing Airbus flight and preflight organizational standards will be used to research on what key elements could be applied to a digital preservation platform and to the LIBNOVA implementation and support methodology.

The outcome of this research activity helps LIBNOVA to continue improving its customers’ digital preservation levels, reducing their risks and overall costs in their long-term preservation platforms.

LIBNOVA provides the most advanced digital preservation platform available for the community. LIBNOVA’s strategic approach is to work in a collaborative way with its customers to safeguard, protect and preserve digital cultural heritage and research datasets. With this approach, research results benefit not only the University of the Balearic Islands as a LIBNOVA customer, but also +50 academic institutions, libraries, museums, and research organizations that already trust its digital preservation platform, such as the British Library, the National Library of Spain, the University of Oxford, the United States Holocaust Museum, the EPFL – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, and many others.

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