LIBNOVA Best EU R&D Technology Company 2023

LIBNOVA European Technology Awards

LIBNOVA has received the 2023 European Technology Award in the R&D category.

On December 1st, the IV Edition of the European Technology Awards 2023 took place at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. During this event, LIBNOVA was recognized and awarded as the Best European Technology Company in the Research and Development (R&D) category.

The Europeans Technology Awards bring together professionals from the technology sector, promoting excellence and knowledge through teaching, research and proactive networking.

Jacobo Vera, CEO of LIBNOVA, and Antonio Guillermo Martinez, Founder and Head of Product of LIBNOVA, were in charge of collecting the award that recognizes the company’s commitment to maintaining high standards in the digital preservation industry through research, innovation and the development of cutting-edge technological solutions that allow long-term archiving to ensure future access to digital collective memory.

This award would not have been possible without the trust and support of all the organizations that have already entrusted the preservation of their valuable digital heritage to LIBNOVA, as well as the dedication and effort of the entire human team of the company that has contributed not only to develop advanced and reliable products but also to be a benchmark in the sector thanks to the investment in innovation and the involvement of the team so that each project is a success.

For LIBNOVA it is a true honor to be recognized as the Best European Technology Company in R&D, and this award gives us impetus to continue our path of innovation and excellence, leading the future of digital preservation technology.

Long-Term Digital Preservation Solutions

In an increasingly digitalized world, where information and knowledge is generated and stored in digital format, digital obsolescence has become one of the most serious headaches that data managers of institutions face. The inability to access, read or use electronic data because the technology necessary to do so is no longer available is a current problem. In 2022 alone, it is estimated that more than 3 billion digital files were lost worldwide, as a result of technological obsolescence or physical damage to their storage.

Little by little, institutions and companies are beginning to be aware that storing is not preserving. Digital preservation goes beyond storage. It is responsible for ensuring that digital files are at all times updated to the latest version of the program in which they were created. In this way, access to files over time (ten, thirty or one hundred years) and traceability of any changes that data may have undergone are ensured. The increasingly strict regulations of certain sectors, the audit and compliance procedures to which many companies are subject, and the imposition of specific laws for areas such as data protection, have contributed to the awakening of industries to the need for preserve your digital files.

In this context, the Spanish company LIBNOVA has become the largest world leader in the field of digital preservation. LIBNOVA offers very technologically advanced solutions to ensure that large volumes of data are available and accessible for very long periods of time. Founded in 2009, LIBNOVA began its journey with a strong presence in the academic, cultural, and scientific sectors , where the need to preserve digital information is part of the DNA of its services. The success of its solution led the company to rapid international expansion and to count among its clients leading organizations worldwide in the academic environment, with universities such as Stanford, Princeton, Oxford or Cambridge; of the cultural environment, with institutions such as The British Library, the National Library of Spain or UNESCO; and from the scientific field, such as CERN, the pharmaceutical company BAYER or the US Department of Energy and Nuclear Safety (Y-12). All of them trust LIBNOVA to preserve their digital heritage and have contributed to the company’s exponential growth in recent years. Today LIBNOVA is already present in more than 20 countries across five continents and has offices in the United States and Spain.

LIBSAFE is the digital preservation solution developed by LIBNOVA. The platform is based on the OAIS standard (global reference model in information management) and covers all preservation needs. In addition to software, LIBNOVA has also developed LIBDATA, a data storage solution that is disruptive in terms of cost per terabyte stored. This allows organizations to manage large volumes of data more efficiently and cost-effectively, ensuring its long-term preservation.

Excellence is a fundamental part of LIBNOVA’s culture. This is reflected in its ISO certifications: ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 27001 for information security, ISO 21017 for information security of cloud services, and ISO 27018 for protecting personal data in the cloud.

A distinctive aspect of LIBNOVA is its focus on constant innovation. The company understands that the digital world is evolving rapidly, and to fulfill its mission of preserving digital heritage, it must remain at the forefront of technology. Since 2017, LIBNOVA Research Labs plays a crucial role in this area. It is the department in charge of coordinating the lines of research related to technological innovation within the company.

LIBNOVA Research Labs focuses on the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to simplify digital preservation tasks. This includes automating ingest processes, creating efficient workflows, and analyzing the content of digital objects. Among the priority lines of research are Artificial Intelligence, including Machine Learning and Neural Networks, as well as Intelligent Agents, Secure and Reliable Storage and Recommendation Engines based on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).

One of the most notable projects of LIBNOVA Research Labs is the development of an advanced autonomous system for the automated analysis and classification of digital files. This system uses algorithms based on the latest advances in artificial intelligence, including neural networks, to completely automate the file ingestion process in the Digital Preservation process. This means that digital objects, whether visual or textual, can be automatically classified, and metadata can be generated for each object, facilitating their inclusion in the preservation system.

Archiver project , an EU R&D&I project led by CERN, which has allowed LIBNOVA to position itself as a leader in the field of research and development. This project has focused on offering the market a next-generation solution for archiving and preserving research data sets capable of scaling to several Petabytes . LIBNOVA has not only been the winner of this project, but has also achieved a new milestone in the digital preservation industry by ingesting 15 Petabytes of data in 1 month (500TB/day), thus providing a reliable solution to the scalability challenge. in research data preservation, and applicable to all fields.

LIBNOVA has established itself as a global leader in the field of digital preservation and technological innovation. Its commitment to excellence, constant research and the application of advanced technologies have made it a pioneering company. Its focus on the preservation of cultural, scientific, institutional and business heritage demonstrates its commitment to a future where digital information is accessible and secure for at least the next hundred years.

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