LIBNOVA collaborates with the Institute of Knowledge Technology, UCM

LIBNOVA is very proud to announce that it has signed a collaboration agreement with the Institute of Knowledge Technology (ITC), part of the Universidad Complutense in Madrid and under the specialty programme “Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks”.

LIBNOVA, during these past years, has been heavily researching machine learning and deep learning and applying it to their digital preservation efforts. Last year LIBNOVA was awarded a European Community Grant to take its artificial intelligence research even further. As we look back we can surely detect an impressive advancement and we can already see a shift in the understanding of the composition of the artificial neurons and how it affects the outcome by altering the nodes.

LIBNOVA collaborates with the Institute of Knowledge Technology

Machine learning will impact every aspect of our society, and digital preservation will be affected too. LIBNOVA knows of the impact and therefore wants to be at the forefront. Its dedicated team of engineers share and receive input from all sorts of peers and this collaboration agreement is just one more step in the correct direction.

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