LIBNOVA finances 4 enrollments of the e-learning course “DIGITAL PRESERVATION: How to move from the problem to the solution planning”


LIBNOVA sponsors the course “DIGITAL PRESERVATION: How to move from the problem to the planning of solutions” organized by the Spanish Society of Documentation and Scientific Information (SEDIC)

From May 4 to 26, 2017, the e-learning course “DIGITAL PRESERVATION: How to move from the problem to the planning of solutions” will take place, organized by SEDIC, a leading institution in the training of information professionals. It will be taught by Miquel Térmens, Professor of the Department of Library and Documentation Science at the University of Barcelona and a specialist in digital preservation, and sponsored by LIBNOVA, which in addition to providing the materials for the practical module of digital preservation tools, offers the full funding of 4 student enrollments.

Course Objectives

Nowadays, most of the information and documentation that surrounds us can be managed digitally. This new management, as well as providing great advantages, brings with it the challenge of learning how to handle these files in the mid and long term, and dealing with new problems, such as the obsolescence of technological means.

The main objective of this online course is to offer an introduction to the preservation of digital resources, regardless of their nature.

Particular attention will be paid to how to manage this problem, from the planning of isolated actions to the preparation of integral preservation plans. Other objectives of the course are:

  • Understanding how the preservation of digital resources differs from that of traditional materials and their impact on libraries and archives.
  • Examining the components of the preservation of digital objects.
  • Knowing the main technical strategies of digital preservation.
  • Knowing the elements and phases necessary to plan the digital preservation at a given center.

To whom is this digital preservation course recommended?

This course is especially recommended to archivists, librarians and documentarians with a responsibility for the management of digital resources in the long term, as well as for other professionals, such as computer scientists, who have to intervene in the preservation of digital information.

It is also recommended for students of information and documentation who wish to deepen in new areas of professional specialization.

How and when is the course held?

The course begins on May 4 and ends on May 26, 2017. There are 45 teaching hours that will be distributed over 3 weeks.

As it is an e-learning course, the schedule is totally flexible and adaptable to the needs of each student, who can choose to connect at any time of the day.

It is necessary that all students connect to the virtual platform on a daily basis to consult the activities proposed by the teacher, following the scheduled curriculum.

How to get libnova’s grant for this digital preservation course?

LIBNOVA, in addition to providing the materials that will help students understand in a practical way how a digital preservation plan is developed, finances 4 tuition fees for the course:

  • 2 enrollments for SEDIC members in a situation of unemployment. (More information)
  • 2 registrations for LIBNOVA clients who are not SEDIC partners.

To access one of the scholarships, it is necessary to contact LIBNOVA through the following contact form, indicating in the subject “SEDIC Course”, before May 3, 2017:

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