libnova holds a course on digital preservation and libsafe at the National Library

libnova, project manager of Digital Preservation Digital Library Department of the BNE, taught a course on the use of libsafe, tool used in the preservation of the material from the mass digitization project

The National Library of Spain is carrying out one of the biggest mass digitization processes ever executed in Spain, making them a pioneer not only in this aspect, but also in the entire implementation process.

In this project’s framework, libnova is responsible for the implementation of the digital preservation process and finalized its involvement by training BNE (National Library of Spain) staff to use libsafe, the tool used in the preservation project.

In addition to the agenda and introduction to the use of the libsafe system, we have revised the key points to take into account during a digital preservation project, noting that not only is documentation of the project important, but also quality control, dissemination audit and certification.

Furthermore, we have provided technical information on the libdata unit owned by the institution, where all of the material generated in various mass digitization projects is stored. This system has a storage capacity of 1.6 petabytes (equivalent to 1,600 external hard drives of 1 TB each), enough to store all of the material generated in the project in the highest possible resolution.

libsafe is a libnova software program, which allows an organization to undertake a digital preservation project, making sure all phases are carried out according to existing international standards.

libdata is libnova’s secure, mass storage system, perfect for storage related to digital preservation, with increased security that, overall, costs less than other comparable solutions.

libnova. We preserve the memory of the future.

libnova imparte un curso sobre preservación digital y libsafe en la Biblioteca Nacional

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