libnova participated as a speaker in the 19th Conference on University Archives

libnova participated as a speaker at the conference held on March 13th, 14th and 15th, 2013, in the UNED’s (National University of Distance Education) pious schools and faculty of education.

It was presided over by Mrs. Amparo Osca Segovia, director of the Associate Center of Madrid, Mrs. María Teresa Valdehita Mayoral, director of the General Archives of the UNED, Ms. Maria Teresa Lozano Mellado, secretary general of the CRUE (Conference of Spanish University Rectors) and Mr. Severiano Hernández Vicente, deputy general director of the State Archives and with the participation of Mrs. Vicenta Cortés Alonso.

Mr. Antonio Guillermo Martínez, director of development for libnova, from the perspective of companies in digitization and process automation, moderated by Mr. Juan Ramón Romero Fernández-Pacheco, head of the department of conservation of the National Historical Archive, presented libsafe and discussed current issues related to digital preservation.

Cartel de las XIX Jornadas de Archivos Universitarios

Access to public documents and the law of transparency in the context of document management

Archivists are responsible for applying the rules governing access to documents kept in public archives. They are also responsible for proposing the conditions and time limits for accessing the documentation. However, it is increasingly becoming more difficult rigorously carry out these functions. Among archivists there exists the concern about the lack of clarity and the difficultly involved in interpreting multiple regulations that often come into contradiction.

In this conference, we will try to analyze the practical problems posed by the application of current regulations on access, confronting the views of archive technicians, legal specialists, researchers and those responsible for archival field guidelines.

In relation to the rules regarding right of access, there is an open debate on the transparency law’s scope. In this conference, we will also analyze possible impacts on the public archive system and make recommendations that can be passed on to legislators in order to help improve the proposed law’s effectiveness.

You can view the presentation in PDF format (only available in Spanish).

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