LIBNOVA takes part in the Digital Preservation Futures: Community Forum 2019, in Dublin

The Digital Preservation Community will be meeting up in Dublin for its Community Forum 2019. It is a chance to get the key players and stakeholders discuss openly amongst themselves about those issues that are in the present horizon.

This community is made up of many sides: those who create data, the curators who are in charge with looking after our digital legacy, the solution providers who support the preservation process and those who consume the digital information.

LIBNOVA has been invited once more to take part in the “Digital Preservation Futures: Community Forum 2019”, organised by the DPC and that will take place in the National Library of Ireland, to listen to the community and to explain the latest research activities that are being undertaken and how these will grow into our solutions.

This active listening to the community gives us a massive insight of what are today’s big pain points. These will in turn influence the design of the new research programmes that in turn will affect the latest LIBSAFE solutions.


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