LIBNOVA’s engineering team continues to grow in 2021Q1 and Q2 by adding 12 new positions worldwide

LIBNOVA is on a mission: to safeguard the world’s research and cultural heritage. Forever. To this end, we are growing our engineering team worldwide, backing our promise to provide the most advanced digital preservation platform to the community.

Right from its foundation, LIBNOVA has always stood out for investing in the engineering and product development areas, in order to consolidate them as its competitive advantage. Nowadays, the engineering department absorbs most of our resources and is the largest and most important division of our company, and probably of the industry.

Understanding, addressing and solving the challenges of digital preservation is a key part of our strategy. By hiring 12 engineers worldwide, LIBNOVA will increase its capacity to continue focusing on providing the most advanced digital preservation platform and services, constantly researching and innovating to improve the LIBSAFE technology.

Thanks to the growth of the LIBNOVA team in the first half of this year, we face the future with energy, optimism and confidence.

P.S.1 First recruitment cycle has already been completed with 6 new teammates, but the second one is now open. If you are a digital preservation lover and would like to team up with the company that sets the trend in this market, please drop us a line: Are you in?

P.S.2 Please feel free to spread the word among your colleagues interested in being part of our company’s research, innovation, and growth.

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