LIBNOVA at iPRES2023: Spreading the word


LIBNOVA is actively involved in iPRES2023, the 19th International Conference on Digital Preservation.

The 19th International Conference on Digital Preservation, known as iPRES and organised this edition by the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), will be held in Urbana Champaign (IL, USA) from 19 to 22 of September.

LIBNOVA is once again a proud sponsor of the event, but you can also find us at the following activities and presentations:

PREMIS Implementation Fair Workshop, Exchanging Experiences using PREMIS

This workshop functions as a meeting ground for PREMIS practitioners, researchers, and curious onlookers. As opposed to PREMIS tutorials, which focus on introducing the data model and data dictionary, the PREMIS Implementation Fair focuses on work currently undertaken by the Editorial Committee as well as on real-world implementations, projects and open questions that the digital preservation community has around preservation metadata.

📅 Tuesday, September 19, 2023

🕤 13:30 PM – 15:00 PM CST

📍 Heritage Hall 1 + Online Session

How to Preserve Research Datasets: LABDRIVE Tutorial

LABDRIVE is a Research Data Management and Digital Preservation platform resulting from the ARCHIVER Project. It allows organizations to capture the research data they produce, helping them to properly manage, preserve and allow access to it, during the whole research data lifecycle.

The purpose of this tutorial is to introduce the main features of LABDRIVE as well as explain how it works through a tutorial (a guided demonstration).

📅 Tuesday, September 19, 2023

🕤 15:30 PM – 17:00 PM CST

📍 Heritage Hall 3 + Online Session

Archiver Project: A Successful Public-Private Collaborative Project

The ARCHIVER Project has brought together customers, with vendors, and with infrastructure providers in an outstanding successful public-private collaborative project, which has also been recognized with the Award for Collaboration and Cooperation which celebrates significant collaboration across institutional, professional, sectoral and geographical boundaries at the Digital Preservation Awards 2022.

This paper will review, from the perspective of one of the project winners, the success story of the ARCHIVER Project highlighting the benefits achieved by leveraging the commercial digital preservation solutions for scientific research data through a pre-commercial procurement process where end users were able to directly influence the expected functionalities in the platform and how they are expected to operate.

📅 Wednesday, September 20, 2023

🕓 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM CST

📍 Heritage Hall 6 + Online Session

The Great Digital Preservation Bake Off

The Digital Preservation Bake Off Challenge is framed as an open, light-hearted competition in which solution providers, developers and coders can demonstrate their products and tools while allowing participants to observe the process and verify the claims they make.

The Great Digital Preservation Bake Off will be staged in three rounds:

  • The Starter Course includes all the actions that happen before a digital object is transferred to or ingested into an archive repository;
  • The Main Course includes actions once a collection has been transferred into an archive repository;
  • The Dessert Course concerns all aspects of access and user engagement with data that has been preserved.

LIBNOVA will participate in the three courses. Each course involves a series of tasks to be performed with a common menu of ingredients in front of an expert ‘Tasting Panel’ comprising digital preservation experts drawn from the iPRES Program Committee and audience.

📅 Wednesday, September 21, 2023

🕦 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM – Heritage Hall 1

📍 Heritage Hall 1

From Theory to Practice: Understanding the Evolution of a Digital Preservation Project from Conception to Final Repository. Some Real Cases.

Usually, the resulting digital preservation project is very different from its conception.
The theory defined before starting a digital preservation project serves as a guide for the beginning of the project but must be flexible enough to be adapted throughout the implementation to fit the real needs of the organization.
In this panel, representatives of institutions from different GLAM-UR sectors from different countries will speak from their own experience about the evolution of a digital preservation project from its theoretical conception to its real practical implementation.

📅 Thursday, September 21, 2023

⏱️ 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM CST

📍 Heritage Hall 6 + Online Session

Preserving 15PB of data in 1 month (500TB/day)

LIBNOVA achieved a new milestone in the preservation industry during the EU-promoted ARCHIVER Project, enabling the digital preservation of 15 PB of digital objects in just one month (500TB/day). This ingestion volume represents 2 orders of magnitude better than in our previous architecture, with no other platform coming close to such performance.

The LIBNOVA R&D activities during the ARCHIVER project included some re-engineering to achieve extremely high scalability and a low overall cost, leveraging over cloud technologies. To achieve this, an incremental R&D process was followed, starting at 10 million files and finishing with 620 million files and a total volume of 15.,87 PB ingested in an uninterrupted way during 31 days, from a LIBNOVA location to AWS in Frankfurt through the GÉANT network, at a rate of approximately 500TB every 24 hours, and including every step of a complete digital preservation workflow (characterization, validation, fixity, metadata extraction, malware scan, etc.).

This Lighting Talk will show how to preserve the data by simply dragging and dropping content into the web interface of the platform, and will also review the good digital preservation practices applied during the process.

📅 Thursday, September 21, 2023

🕤 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM

📍 Heritage Hall 2 – Lightning Talks Session

Why LIBNOVA decided to invest in supporting OCFL in LIBSAFE?

LIBNOVA works hard to improve all aspects of its digital preservation platform and make LIBSAFE the most advanced digital preservation platform on the market.

One of the most challenging and ambitious goals we have is to make the LIBSAFE technology as open as possible, allowing for the integration with other tools in the digital preservation ecosystem.
Accordingly, we have completed the project to include full OCFL support in LIBSAFE Advanced. The platform has now full OCFL capabilities and our users are able to work with it using community-created, standards-based open-source tools.

In this Lightning Talk, we will see, for instance, how users can create OCFL Storage Roots, keep OCFL Objects in them and use standard OCFL clients to interact with it, by using the web interface or the API.

📅 Thursday, September 21, 2023

🕤 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM

📍 Heritage Hall 2 – Lightning Talks Session


Visit our booth in the Exhibition area and get a nice gift to remember iPRES2023!

📅 Tuesday-Friday, September 19-22, 2023

🕤 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

📍 Exhibition Area

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    About iPres 2023

    iPRES is the premier and longest-running conference series on digital preservation. Since 2004, annual iPRES conferences have been hosted around the globe on four continents. Celebrate the 19th conference at iPRES 2023 in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois USA from 19–22 September 2023. September 19 through the 22! In addition to the conference, you won’t want to miss out on the exciting Chicago Site Visits on Saturday, September 23, where you’ll get to experience the city’s vibrant culture and community.

    The conference brings together information scientists, students, researchers, archivists, librarians, service providers, software developers and experts from many different sectors and domains to share emerging and cutting-edge insights in a wide variety of topics in digital preservation from strategy to implementation, and from international and local initiatives. Year on year the debate and research profiled at iPRES have moved digital preservation from a technology driven niche specialism of experts to a global challenge with the community to match.

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    About LIBNOVA

    LIBNOVA’s mission is to safeguard the world’s research and cultural heritage. Forever.

    Year after year, LIBNOVA has been pushing the boundaries of what is possible in digital preservation, bringing innovations that empower organizations to preserve their content in an easier and more efficient way. The LIBSAFE platform covers several Digital Preservation needs and is an advanced OAIS-aligned digital preservation software.

    LIBNOVA was founded in 2009, has offices in the US and Europe and is now present in 19 countries with presence in the academic, cultural heritage and research communities. LIBNOVA Research Labs (2017) manages all research initiatives for the company.

    Customers like the British Library, HILA Stanford University, UIUC, Princeton University, BAYER, the University of Oxford, and many more already trust LIBNOVA.

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