Walter Nagel and LIBNOVA join forces to provide the most advanced digital preservation services in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Walter Nagel has entrusted LIBNOVA to provide digital preservation solutions for its business

Walter Nagel, leading provider of software solutions and book scanners for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, has selected LIBNOVA to expand its services by adding LIBSAFE’s digital preservation product range to its catalog.

LIBNOVA, worldwide leader of Digital Preservation Solutions, and its LIBSAFE technology, the most advanced digital preservation platform, empower the organizations to preserve their content in an easier and more efficient way.

Walter Nagel and LIBNOVA will work together to help Archives, Libraries, Universities and Museums to safeguard their cultural heritage and research data for the long term.

“Our clients benefit from our strategy to provide solutions for the complete workflow. Starting with scanners for special uses in Cultural Heritage institutions and ending with the presentation of Digital Collection on the web, our solutions go hand in hand together. With the portfolio of LIBNOVA we add an important cornerstone and are happy to start work together in many projects.” says Jens Peters, CEO of Walter Nagel.

Antonio G Martinez, LIBNOVA CEO adds “We have been working with the great Walter Nagel team for several years and we are very pleased to announce this partnership. Walter Nagel is the leader provider of capturing technology in the German-speaking countries and our advanced digital preservation technology perfectly complements their comprehensive expertise, allowing organizations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to take a holistic approach to safeguarding their knowledge and valuable content.”

Together with Walter Nagel, LIBNOVA enhances its presence in Central Europe, with such major customers as the National Library of Austria and the Austria Library Association, among many others.

About Walter Nagel

Walter Nagel provides digitization solutions for Cultural Heritage institutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is the biggest independent reseller of book scanners in this region. Furthermore, Walter Nagel offers software solutions for building Digital Collections and Archiving Websites or Social-Media-Content.

Founded in 1939 Walter Nagel is a major player in this business for more than 40 years and is growing fast by working together with partner companies all over the world.

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LIBNOVA’s mission is to safeguard the world’s research and cultural heritage. Forever.

Year after year, LIBNOVA has been pushing the boundaries of what is possible in digital preservation, bringing innovations that empower the organizations to preserve their content in an easier and more efficient way. The LIBSAFE platform covers several Digital Preservation needs and is an advanced OAIS-aligned digital preservation software.

LIBNOVA was founded in 2009, has offices in the US and Europe and is now present in 14 countries with presence in the academic, cultural heritage and research communities. LIBNOVA Research Labs (2017) manages all research initiatives for the company.

Customers like the British Library, HILA Stanford University, the EPFL, the University of Oxford and many more already trust LIBNOVA.

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