Artificial Intelligence applied to digital preservation, LIBNOVA NEWS presented at the International Archives Congress ARCHIVES RECORDS 2018 in Washington, DC, USA

LIBNOVA has presented in Washington SAFEBOX, its new digital preservation system that simplifies and optimizes the complex process of preservation by using artificial intelligence

LIBNOVA was present at the International Archives Congress ARCHIVES*RECORDS 2018 that took place in Washington, DC. this August.


During the Congress, Antonio Guillermo Martínez, CEO of LIBNOVA, presented SAFEBOX to archivists, librarians and information managers of U.S. Archives, Libraries, Universities and Museums.


SAFEBOX is the new artificial intelligence-powered digital preservation system developed by LIBNOVA to tackle the high volumes of unstructured data that government institutions receive daily and must process and preserve.

Until now this process was complex, expensive and demanding, with SAFEBOX not only does it simplify it, but also allows the organization to create an advanced, agile, easy to use and high-performance digital preservation repository whilst taking control and streamlining the preservation workflow.

If you want more detailed information about SAFEBOX, please do not hesitate to ask us for the catalog:

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LIBNOVA USA team would also like to thank the organization of the event for the attention and support received. See you in future editions!



LIBNOVA is a leading company in the digital preservation field. LIBSAFE is the digital preservation software developed by LIBNOVA. It is a full OAIS / ISO 14,721-aligned preservation system, which manages some of the largest digital repositories in the world, ensuring the security, availability, and access to your information in the long-term, in an easy and efficient way. The systems designed by LIBNOVA guarantee a 100% accessibility and data recovery, combining several technologies and procedures.

LIBNOVA has a strong presence in the historical, academic and cultural heritage documentation fields. Its digital preservation systems are being used in 12 countries; by the likes of National Libraries, National and State Archives and numerous Universities, both in Europe and in the USA. LIBNOVA has also been responsible for developing, deploying and operating the preservation node of the Digital Preservation Network (DPN) in the United States, the largest consortium network for digital preservation in the world.

LIBNOVA has offices both in the USA (Florida), and in the Europe (Spain), to cater for clients worldwide. For more information, please contact us here.

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