Digital preservation for museums at The British Museum

LIBNOVA presents its latest developments in digital preservation at The British Museum

The British Museum’s National Programmes team in partnership with the Digital Preservation Coalition, exploring the subject of digital content in museums. They organize an exhaustive day dedicated to examine the processes of creation, selection and preservation of digital content by museums, called “Museums and Digital Memory: from Creation and Curation to Digital Preservation“.

LIBNOVA has been invited to this prestigious event as one of the leading providers of digital preservation solutions to comment and share the latest international news and worldwide trends in the digital preservation field for museums.

The main theme on which all the day’s conferences will revolve is: if museums are institutions of memory, how can they ensure in the long term access to digital memory that is now being generated?

Antonio Guillermo Martínez and Paul Severn, CEO and Head of Marketing of LIBNOVA respectively, will be presenting the latest news of the company during the event.


Above all, taking part in these kind of events allow us to be up to date in the latest digital preservation trends, receiving first-hand information on the particular difficulties facing the museum sector when managing the digital memorandum in both short and long-term.

This event is takes place on September 3 in the magnificent premises of The British Museum in London.



LIBNOVA is a leader in digital preservation, constantly working to enable organizations keep high volumes of data alive over long periods of time efficiently and cost effectively.

We create flexible solutions that are powerful and easy to use.

  • Comprehensive management throughout the digital object’s lifecycle. Our tools and processes manage the digital object from its creation while keeping in mind dissemination and long-term preservation.
  • Control over your digital collections. Long-term preservation begins with actions in the short term. At all times, you will know what’s in your collection and what state it’s in, so you’ll have full control.
  • Quality of results. Every stage has it’s repeatable-tasks automated and the results audited and re-verified.
  • Freedom to choose your technology and processes. Our flexible standards-based tools work with catalog systems, standard metadata schemas and obviously with your current information infrastructure.
  • Easy to use. All these tools have been user-centered designed for fast and easy use.
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