Digital Preservation at XIII CERES Conference

LIBNOVA will provide a training on digital preservation and how to secure long-term data at the FNMT-RCM

The National Currency and Stamp Factory – Real Casa de la Moneda (FNMT-RCM) organizes the 13th edition of the CERES Conference on February, 7th and 8th.

Under the claim “2018, the Administrations prepared for the transformation”, the attendees will analyze the advances and challenges of the administrations and companies since the publication of Law 11/2007 on Electronic Access of Citizens to Public Services, which requires the Administration to transform itself into Electronic Administration. And the Digital Transformation plans of the Ministry of Finance and Public Function, of the Ministry of Defense and of other public administrations will be introduced.

The Electronic Certification Department of the FNMT-RCM (CERES) will present the latest advances and trends in subjects such as digital certificates, signature, identity and security, while the leading companies in these matters will present their most outstanding innovations.

Therein, Antonio Guillermo Martínez, CEO of LIBNOVA and collaborator of the “Opera Cloud” Value Division of TAISA, will provide training on digital preservation and how to secure long-term digital data. The session will take place on Thursday, February 8th, at 12:30, at the Audio Visual Room.

LIBNOVA has developed its own digital preservation platform, simple and efficient, applying the best international standards for archiving and digital preservation and combining more than 50 techniques and processes in order to ensue that the information is preserved in the long term, and always available, whether you consult it now or within 10 years.

The digital preservation systems of LIBNOVA are already being used by important entities in 12 different countries, including the National Library of Spain.

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