LIBNOVA and i2S, combine their offers to safeguard the heritage

LIBNOVA and i2S announce the agreement to offer their customers the most efficient, reliable and complete solutions for digitizing, disseminating and preserving information

i2S, world leader in high resolution digitization equipment, and LIBNOVA, world leader in digital preservation, announce their agreement to combine their technologies to provide their customers the most efficient, reliable and complete solution for digitization, dissemination and digital preservation of the information they manage.


i2S and LIBNOVA are announcing today in Bordeaux, France, their agreement to the worldwide i2S business partners network. Both companies are presenting how they are combining their strategy and products and how working together creates a powerful, unique offer and creates additional business opportunities, by making it easier for the customers to use the best technology and tools available today.



LIBNOVA is a leading company in the digital preservation field. LIBSAFE is the digital preservation software developed by LIBNOVA. It is a full OAIS / ISO 14,721-aligned preservation system, which guarantees the security, availability and access to your information in the long term (more than 10 years), in an easy and efficient way. The systems designed by LIBNOVA guarantee a 100% accessibility and data recovery, combining several technologies and procedures.

LIBNOVA has a strong presence in the patrimonial, historical, academic and cultural heritage  documentation fields. Its digital preservation systems are being used by customers in 12 countries; some of them are National Libraries, National and State Archives and numerous Universities, both in Europe and in the USA. LIBNOVA has also been responsible for developing, deploying and operating the preservation node of the Digital Preservation Network (DPN) in the United States, the largest consortium network for digital preservation in the world.

LIBNOVA has offices in the USA (Florida), and in the EU (Spain), which allows to offer its solutions worldwide. For more information, please contact us here.

About i2S

i2S is the world leading company in the high resolution digitization equipment field. i2S offers the widest range of book and historical document scanners in the marketplace, which can handle multiple formats, from tiny postage stamps to 2xA0 format documents.

i2S is the manufacturer of  scanners that best combines high speed of capture with higher image resolution. Certified in the highest image quality standards and with a legendary reliability, which guarantees the absence of failures. It has become the main reference in the marketplace.

i2S is represented by LIBNOVA in Spain and in the Caribbean Basin.

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