Today, the Digital Preservation Network presents its next generation preservation node at the CNI Spring Conference in San Diego

LIBNOVA has built the next generation preservation node of the Digital Preservation Network

The Digital Preservation Network, the biggest digital preservation network worldwide, is presenting its next generation preservation node at the CNI Spring Conference in San Diego.

LIBNOVA has been honored to be the company selected to build the node, using our LIBSAFE technology at its core, and today we are presenting it.

The new node is able to manage the preservation of huge collections, ranging from a few terabytes to the petabyte range.


Preserving Digital Content at Scale: Meeting the Challenges of AV and Big Data

Sam Gustman, CTO and Associate Dean of the University of Southern California, and Mary Molinaro, Executive Director of the Digital Preservation Network, were given the task of announcing the news during the presentation “Preserving Digital Content at Scale: Meeting the Challenges of AV and Big Data”.


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Preserving Digital Content at Scale: Meeting the Challenges of AV and Big Data

Since 2013 the Digital Preservation Network (DPN) has been working on developing solutions to enable the preservation of digital content for the next generation of scholars and beyond. DPN members are working together to solve the most difficult and persistent problems facing the community. Audio and moving image content present significant challenges when it comes to long-term preservation. These include scale, cost, and file transfer problems to name a few. DPN has partnered with the University of Southern California and LIBNOVA to develop a preservation node for audio and moving image content (and for other very large data collections) that addresses the most significant challenges. This session will demonstrate the features of this new solution and will discuss how this fits into the broader DPN vision for the long-term preservation of digital content.


About CNI and CNI Spring 2018 Membership Meeting

Since 1990, the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI), a joint initiative of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) and EDUCAUSE, promotes the use of digital information technology to advance scholarship and education.

Some 240 institutions representing higher education, publishing, information technology, scholarly and professional organizations, foundations, and libraries and library organizations make up CNI’s members.

CNI member organizations gather twice annually (Spring and Fall) to explore new technologies, content, and applications, to further collaboration, to analyze technology policy issues, and to catalyze the development and deployment of new projects.

Project briefings sessions allow participants to interact informally about projects, initiatives, and ideas of their own choosing, are the very heart of every membership meeting.

About DPN: Digital Preservation Network

The Digital Preservation Network (DPN) is a membership organization focused on developing solutions to meet the challenges of long-term preservation of academic and cultural heritage digital assets.

The large-scale digital preservation services developed by DPN are built to last beyond the life spans of individuals, technological systems, and organizations.

DPN provides members of the academy and their successors with assurance that future access to their scholarly resources will be available in the event of disruptive change in administrative or physical institutional environments.

By working together, DPN members are collaboratively solving issues that have been difficult to achieve separately.

About LIBNOVA: Digital Preservation Company

LIBNOVA is a leader company in the digital preservation field.

LIBSAFE is the digital preservation software developed by LIBNOVA. It is a full OAIS / ISO 14,721-aligned preservation system, which guarantees the security, availability and access to your information in the long term (more than 10 years), in an easy and efficient way.

LIBNOVA has a strong presence in the patrimonial and historical and cultural documentation fields. Their digital preservation systems are being used by customers in 12 countries; some of them are National Libraries, National and State Archives and numerous Universities, both in Europe and in the USA.

LIBNOVA has offices in the USA (Florida), and in the EU (Spain), which allows them to offer their solutions worldwide.

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