LIBNOVA has successfully completed the Prototype phase of the ARCHIVER project

During the prototyping phase of the ARCHIVER Project, the LIBNOVA consortium has worked on building a prototype of a research, management and preservation solution for the whole organization and for the whole data life-cycle, completely aligned with OAIS, ISO16363, FAIR and TRUST principles, with powerful and really innovative capabilities in all functionality layers.

The prototype was accessible to the ARCHIVER Project Buyers Group, led by CERN and including EMBL, DESY and PIC, for basic functionality tests.

The LIBNOVA-led consortium has successfully completed the Prototype Implementation phase, and has been selected for the Pilot phase which was announced during a Public Award Ceremony that took place virtually on Monday 29th November. (View event)

In this video, Antonio G. Martinez, CEO of LIBNOVA, briefly explains the proposal of the consortium led by LIBNOVA. Full details of the consortium and the proposal are available here.

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