libnova performs the digitization in 2D and 360º for the Ministry of Defense

The Ministry of Defense has signed a contract with libnova for the digitisation in 2D and 360º of the collectons in its museums.

libnova has been selected to perform the digitization of documents and different objects in all the museums dependent from the Ministry of Defense.

This project includes the digitization of funds in the Aeronautic and Astronautic Museum, the Army Museum and the Navy Museum.

This project includes, among other thinks, the digitization of different kinds of objects, ranging from airplane turbines, to Army uniforms, nautic charts, and medals; as well as the metadata generation in order to facilitate its preservation and subsequent query.


For this project, libnova sent its 360º digitization set to the different museums as well as a Suprascan 2D digitization scanner, which allows the digitization of large format objects.


The digitization of these objects in high definition, both in two dimensions as in 360º will serve for the digital preservation of high value objects while at the same time allowing  that this heritage is visible to all the citizens, through he incorporation of all these collections to the  Virtual Library of the Ministry of Defense.

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