libnova lecturer at Zaragoza University “Digital Preservation and continuous access to the information”

libnova participated in the Extraodinary Courses on Science and new technologies ta Zaragoza University

The course on “Digital Preservation and continouos access to the information” will take place in Jaca from the 8th to the 10th, it is included in the Science and New Technologies Area of Extraordinary Summer Courses of the Zaragoza University.


The objectives of this course about digital preservation are:

  • To analyse the problematic of digital preservation.
  • To explain the current status of digital preservation policies, introducing technological solutions, risks, and alternatives.
  • To show practical experiences of entities performing digital preservation.

Within this framework, Antonio Guillermo Martínez, founder and CEO of libnova, will introduce the digital preservation platform developed by libnova, during the speech  “Practical digital preservation: the use of libsafe and libdata” and will participate in the roundtable on heritage preservation, during which he will explain the experience of the organizations that already rely on libnova to archive and preserve their digital collections.

Full program  “Digital Preservation and continuous access to the information”

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