Madrid City Council relies on LIBNOVA for the preservation of its heritage funds

Madrid City Council will use LIBSAFE and LIBDATA for the preservation of its heritage funds

The Digital Library “memoriademadrid” which purpose is to digitize all the heritage documentation stored by Madrid City Council relies on LIBNOVA’s digital preservation platform for the preservation of its digitized funds.


LIBNOVA’s digital preservation platform includes LIBSAFE, the digital preservation software, which guarantees the security, availability and accessibility to all the information in the long term in a simple and efficient way, as well as LIBDATA a robust, reliable and simple storage array, with a very low purchase cost per terabyte, and specially designed for long term preservation.


Madrid City Council has also acquired one SupraScan Quartz, the digitization equipment that allows the digitization, at 600 d.p.i., of all sort of folded documents, up to a 2xA3 format, in a fast and comfortable manner. This advanced scanner will be used in the process of digitizing its heritage funds prior to its preservation.


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